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A solo guitar arrangement of Robert Schumann’s Carnaval Op.9: V, originally for piano.

This is just one movement from Schumann’s cryptic masked ball fantasy, full of historical characters. This particular one deals with the Greek Christian historian Eusebius. The character is supposed to represent Schumann’s calmer side.

I’ve always been admiringly envious of the expanse of the piano’s range and capability. The Carnaval movements are great character pieces and really reflect the Romantic style of music. Out of the whole Carnaval piece, this one is most friendly to solo guitar. The key of D major and Drop D tuning brings out the guitar’s bravado and warmth. Adding a little bit of jazz reharm, this calming and reflective piece feels right at home in a current repertoire.





Download the sheet music here

Get the piece for your listening pleasure at: GregHaysMusic Bandcamp

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