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SMP Press ArrangeMe Program

Sheet Music Plus has recently started this fantastic program that allows arrangers to compose to create new versions of songs that are still held in copyright. Rather than having to personally get permission from the copyright holder, SMP has already taken care of the legal work. All the creator needs to do is add the copyright credits provided by SMP into the copyrights of the new arrangement. 

When a title is sold, SMP uses a portion of the sales to pay the original copyright holders and then even supplies the arranger with a small commission. 

This frees myself, and many others, from exclusively arranging works in public domain (although that is where some of the greatest music resides). The demand of the people is often greater in the realm of songs from let’s say the past half of a century. And who would I be to not give the people what they want?

I am still scrolling through the over 10,000 titles in the program, but you can be sure I’ll be working on some very soon. 


Suggestions? Let me know which songs you would like to hear arranged and for what instrumentation!

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