Musical Thoughts

…And a Happy New Year Too

The market for Christmas music is certainly flooded, and I can only listen to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas so many times (aprox. 1). So through the seemingly omniscient power of various streaming platforms, I have been able to compile Christmas playlists full of obscure covers of classics and risky originals that would make an elf blush.

Have a taste:

Of course, sometimes we have to go straight to the source to find those hidden Christmas music gems.

All-around cool guy and hard-working professional, Jason Vieaux, has been known to create arrangements of jazz tunes and classic songs that will blow the stockings off your mantle. Having had the pleasure to meet him a couple times, I became aware of his arrangement of The Christmas Song.

Full disclosure, after hearing this you might be compelled to purchase a classical guitar.

Everyone is busy around the holidays and musicians are no exception. And while it is convenient to toss together a playlist to put on in the background as you tear through gifts, make an effort to see some live music this season. Whether it is at your church, in a downtown restaurant, or at a quaint family gathering, seek out the music and see what these musical Santa Clauses have to offer.

Christmas without music is like a year without Santa Claus. And then we would have to deal with Heat Miser and Snow Miser(although they both sang catchy show tunes).

See music, make music and enjoy music; that’s always my Christmas wish(plus socks).


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