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“Same Drugs” string quintet

I’ve decided to branch out a bit from arranging for guitar, but I am still keeping it in the family. My first string quintet arrangement is going to be of Chance the Rapper’s melancholic lament of diverging relationships in “Same Drugs.”

I was originally going to orchestrate for a brass quintet, but a bassoon doesn’t quite capture the same mood as swelling strings. A bassoon sounds like a shoulder shrug after the loss of the relationship, whereas strings can convince you that not only did someone important depart from your life, but your heart walked out of your chest and went with them.

I have to admit, after working on this song for a bit, I kind of want to do a guitar arrangement as well. But a string quintet version will be released! Check back for it within the month.

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the song

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