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Four Colors

Paint me a picture.

All our senses work in concert to bring us a complete experience of the surrounding world. Sometimes, one sense can have tremendous affect on another; that is the inspiration for this piece.

Occasionally when I would be learning new repertoire, I would subconsciously associate colors with sections of a piece or its entirety. Perhaps a brush with synesthesia, not every sound evoked a specific palette. In my experience it has been rather spontaneous, but once the association is made, it is impossible to separate. The four pieces included in this set all started as small ideas that formed through thoughtless improvisation on the guitar. Sometimes the color was immediately obvious, and other times I had to let the sounds marinate before I could decide its identity. Once the color became apparent, I began to work the idea into a larger framework that exploited the characteristics of each color; therefore, this project began by translating sound into color, and was completed by extracting sound from color.

It is very possible, and probably likely, that a different color may present itself to each person who plays or listens to these pieces. The titles given are purely of my own experience. As we know, sight and hearing are not independent of our other senses. And we cannot understate the impact that our past experiences have on our present interactions. I hope this piece will give you the nudge to experience more of your world with the full capacity and cooperation of the senses available to you.

This was a lot of fun to work on for one of my first composition projects! Check out the sheet music and take a listen to some of the movements

look inside Four Colors Composed by Greg Hays. 21st Century, Modern. Score. 7 pages. Published by Greg Hays Music (S0.602873).





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