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Mrs. Robinson for Guitar Duo

Coo coo ca choo.

I found myself walking down the street the other day and absentmindedly whistling this classic tune. To be fair, I had been considering different hit pop songs to arrange for my new guitar duo, Un/Strung, to add to our concerts. Some of our repertoire gets quite heavy and modern, so this piece seemed like it would be a nice refresher for the audience after we pelted them with the sonic burdens of Satie and the likes.

My favorite part of this song and arrangement is that whoever plays the Guitar 2 part will enjoy the cathartic technique of tambora, or beating the strings of the guitar with one’s thumb. For a right hand that is used to delicate coordination, its is a strong depart from the norm, like a ballerina taking up break dancing. The tambora is probably the closest a classical guitarist will come to smashing/burning/disrespecting out instruments, so we take great joy with this liberty.

Check out the sheet music and take a listen to a sample.

The only thing to decide now is who is Simon and who is Garfunkel?

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