Welcome to the Greg Hays Music website! This site contains everything relevant to my musical world. On the Home Page you will find the latest posts from the site. Keep up to date with the Upcoming Projects and What’s New tabs.

Listen will allow you to hear any of my recorded works, whether it is an arrangement, composition, cover, etc. Also on this page is a link to the Band Camp Store where all of the recorded pieces can be downloaded.

Arrangements/Compositions is where you will find any arrangements and compositions I have done. Plenty of information is included about the works along with a preview of music. Here you will also find a link to download the sheet music.

Musical Thoughts is a blog type format to write about topics from music history to current music news to really anything related to music.

Contact/Booking is where you can shoot me an email about anything. It could be a request to add a piece to my rep, commission an arrangement or composition, book for your next event, or just a general comment!